Live and Let Live

I believe in the dignity of every human person: unborn, very young, very old and every age in-between. I believe that every person has the right to live; I’m just crazy like that…

 But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself.

And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts. Jesus gave even His life to love us. So, the mother who is thinking of abortion, should be helped to love, that is, to give until it hurts her plans, or her free time, to respect the life of her child. The father of that child, whoever he is, must also give until it hurts.

By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems.

And, by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble. So abortion just leads to more abortion.

Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.

~  Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC, February 3, 1994

Pro-life resources: I still can’t believe we have to differentiate between the pro-life person and one who is not! I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

Priests for Life:

Rachel’s Vineyard: Healing the pain of abortion, one week at a time.

Abby Johnson: Planned Parenthood Director turned pro-LIFE advocate.

Citizens for a Pro-life Society:  Working to make abortion illegal and building a culture of life. This is a hard site to visit because  Monica Migliorino Miller has retrieved hundreds of aborted babies from trash containers and spent hundreds of hours photographing the bodies. Miller argues strongly that photos of abortion victims play a vital role in the efforts of the right-to-life movement to establish respect for the lives of the unborn and abolish the injustice of abortion. It’s hard to look at, but Monica is a warrior for these forgotten children.

Live Action: Lila Rose founded Live Action when she was fifteen years old. The group is a new media movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion, the greatest human rights injustice of our time. Live Action use powerful and dynamic media platforms to educate the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose the threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.

National Right to Life:  The mission of National Right to Life is to protect and defend the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death.

Recall Abortion: Ending the abortion industry’s exploitation of women.

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