The Catholic Woman: local, organic, sustainable.

Local, Organic & Sustainable.

We have all heard these words applied to everything from food to textiles. I have been known to visit the local farmers market or the certified organic grocer. I try to purchase items friendly to the environment and attempt to reduce my household waste. I understand the importance of supporting local merchants, putting chemical free foods into my body, and sustaining our environmental resources. I get it (most of the time).

Local, Organic & Sustainable. These three words have been used for so many different products and practices; their meaning is in danger of being lost. My mother, while having her hair colored at a salon, was informed by the stylist that the hair dye was not only organic and environmentally friendly, but vegan. Hair color so harmless that it is edible.

My husband and I were talking about this phenomenon.  We have come to expect these words when describing our purchases or lifestyles, but have become numb to their meaning. Through our discussion it occurred to me that outside the Catholic Church there is nothing more Local, Organic or Sustainable than the Catholic Woman. Continue reading