What Do I Want For Christmas?

Loved this joyful post from PRECIOUS FOOL:
So. What do I want for Christmas? A miracle. …
I want everyone to be in awe of Christ our Lord and adore Him.

Precious Fool


“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” Charlie Brown

 I understand Charlie Brown’s frustration. The true meaning of Christmas is lost in all the cacophony of commercialism. I too want to yell out in frustration. I too want to throw a pink aluminum Christmas tree across the room and start quoting scripture (Linus did not do that, but that would have been amazing if he did haha). I want to gather up what Christmas has become,  wrap it all up in gaudy wrapping paper, … and then crumple it up into a tight ball … and throw it out .. well, maybe set it on fire first haha. Seriously though. Let’s get rid of it. Let’s start again. Let’s do Christmas right. The holiday has been hijacked. It is no longer the religious holiday it once was. I want Christmas to be simple and pure…. The birth…

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